Backspace Collective chosen for installation event

Backspace Collective artist members will present Select All, a collaborative art installation, at Peoria’s Gateway Building, 200 NE Water Street.  The work was chosen by jurors for the Peoria Art Guild’s exhibition Guess You Had To Be There.  Select all digital sketch 2

Viewers will be invited to select some portion from the larger composition, and then they will be assisted in cutting their composition out of the whole. As a collaborative work, our piece represents the portions of ourselves that go toward making artwork and working in a collective; we in turn include every willing viewer in our collective efforts to bring art to Peoria. By making a selection, the participant engages in the act of cropping, composing–making choices the artist usually makes. Rather than deciding exactly how our work will be viewed, we will allow participants to show us how they would like the work to be seen.

The exhibition will be February 21–22, 2015.  Opening reception February 21, 6-8.


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