Backspace is:
• deleting, rethinking, changing your mind, looking at things a different way, editing
• the freedom to fail, to try again, to fail again until you succeed
• a way to make thoughts ephemeral, transitional, adaptable
• the ability to revise ideas, change minds, and re-evaluate why we are here
• moving backward while looking forward
• a space to re-work, re-invent, and re-invigorate
• like the eraser on a pencil
• emptiness
• impermanence
• a thinkers’ and artists’ collective
• a space for contemporary art and ideas
no longer located behind 600 West Main Street (606 Rear)

Backspace Collective NFP has moved away from the gallery model and towards community enrichment.  We are a not-for-profit organization with the goal of facilitating dynamic collaborations between artists and the community.  This includes exhibiting the work of artist members, but extends far beyond.  As our organization moves forward, we plan to create progressively interactive and collaborative projects that bring innovative artwork to Peoria, IL.

Backspace is a center for new ideas in a radically changing world. We provide an outlet for creative expression that is integral to a healthy society, and promote civic engagement locally and globally. We are dedicated to fostering innovative, risk-taking contemporary art and cultural scholarship through exhibitions, lectures, and other events and programming. Our space is a forum for exhibiting, discussing, and interpreting works ranging from traditional plastic arts to performance and new media. We are committed to expanding the cultural vocabulary within central Illinois while actively engaging in the myriad discourses within contemporary art.

Backspace is:

Board Members: Heather Brammeier | Erin Buczynski | Eugene Maison

Active Members: Annastasia Calvert |  Margaret LeJeune | Alexander MartinJessica Bingham Ott | Kari Thornton Hooten

Founders: Shannon Benine | Jeremiah Chiu | Elizabeth Kauffman | John Mosher | Acacia Warwick | Todd Williams

Past Members: Scott Cavanah |Alicia Conway | Joshua Cox | Ryan HoevenaarMary Beth Koszut | Chrissy LaMasterCassandra Lawlor | Sarah NesbitJerry Phillips | Robyn Rognstad Dawson | R.C. Sayler | Zac Zetterberg