April 2016

4th Annual Harrison Student Art Exhibition

February 2016

5th Annual DrawBack Fundraiser Exhibition

September 2015

Backspace at 1612, 5th Annual Members’ Exhibition

May 2015

Experience the Flame, The Hive

April 2015

Experience the Flame pitfire event

February 2015

3rd Annual Harrison Exhibition

December 2014

4th Annual DrawBack Fundraiser Exhibition

October/November 2014

Swallowed Cities, Lauren Kinney and Patrick Vincent

September 2014

4th Annual Members’ Exhibition

July/August 2014

Metropolis familiaris, juried exhibition

May 2014

Newfangled, Bradley University Senior Photography Exhibition

March/April 2014

Pickup Lines, Veronica Bruce and Gaia Nardie-Warner

February 2014

2nd Annual Harrison Exhibition

December 2013

3rd Annual DrawBack Fundraiser Exhibition

October/November 2013

Maker Leisure Pleasure Seeker, knitted works and installation by Paul Komada

September 2013

3rd Annual Members’ Exhibition

August 2013

Inflate Deflate meditate, new works by Shane Rodems and Ess Doubleur

June/July 2013

Exit Only, paintings and sculptures by Elizabeth Ferrill

May, 2013

RAW Bradley University Senior Photography Exhibition

March, April 2013

Endpapers: Before the Beginning and After the End

February 2013
Harrison Community Learning Center exhibition

December 2012/January 2013
Darkspace (Drawing from Darkness)

December 2012
2nd Annual DrawBack Fundraiser Exhibition

November 2012
Familiar Grounds /Katie Bell solo exhibition

October 2012
Word Vomit / Kyle Brant-Goss/ Alicia Conway/ Callie Farmer/ Cassie Lawlor/ Donald Mason/ Kari Thornton/ Sydney Wlodyka

September 2012
2nd Annual Members’ Exhibition / Heather Brammeier/ Scott Cavanah/ Alicia Conway/ Joshua Cox/ Cassie Lawlor/ Sarah Nesbit/ R.C. Sayler/ Erin Zellefrow

August 2012
I and They / Trent Miller

July 2012
Form Work / Ken Wood

June 2012
That’s Love, Baby / Allison Lacher

May 2012
Versus / Taylor Brown/ Colleen Fabing/ Jasmin Garcia/ Emily Hart/ Amy Petrek/ Jorden Seifert/ Bethany Watson

April 2012
Anybody / Ted Gahl/ Nick Generous

February 2012
Decoys / Nicholas Nyland

January 2012
Silicalicious / Andrew Casto/ Heidi Casto/ Matthew Dercole/ Angela Dieffenbach

December 2011
First Annual DrawBack Fundraiser Exhibition

November 2011
Nests, Shells, and Corners / John Early Gabriela Salazar/ Jonggeon Lee/ R.C. Sayler/ Nick Hutchings/ Carlie Trosclair/ curated by Ken Wood

October 2011
Video at Backspace / Jessica Doyle/ Kara Dunne/ Joseph Erb/ Christina Pettersson

September 2011
First Annual Members’ Exhibition /Heather Brammeier/ Mary Beth Koszut/ Jerry Phillips/ Robyn Rognstad/ R.C. Sayler/ Erin Zellefrow

June 2011
SLAPface: All Four One /Geoff Cullen / Matt Wiseman / Jake Isenhour / Michael Willett

3 Screenings: Date with Deceit / Steve Reinke / Seth Price / Joe Nanashe / Eileen Maxson / Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG / Nick Harvey / Artie Vierkant / Oliver Laric / Joseph Lim / Hennessy Youngman

May 2011
Creative Will
/ Derek Chan / Rusty Shackleford / Angela Teng / Ben Raymer

3 Screenings: Eruption / Tony Balko / Tom Dale / Todd Mattei / Sascha Pohle / Ivan Lozano / Brad Tinmouth / Jerzy Rose / Thad Kellstadt / Petra Cortright

April 2011
Bradley University Photography Thesis Exhibition
/ Dylan Blake / Melanie Guenther / Caroline Karpowicz / Kelley Moulton

Word. / John Mosher

3 Screenings: Mere Mystery / Olivia Ciummo / Jack Cronin / Scott Wolniak / Michael Robinson / Mary Helena Clark / Keith Tassick / Lori Felker / Warren Cockerham / Alee Peoples

February 2011
TEN / Don Mason /Kris Meyers /Sara Stewart /Steve Wright /Sarah Zaleski /Cassie Lawlor /Darren Jackson / Josh Bindewald /Mary Beth Koszut / Anastasia Samoylova

October 2010
Artificial Hell
/ Chase Melendez / Michael Stillion / Gabe Johnson